The Basement is the headquarters of UC San Diego’s Entrepreneur Challenge, a student organization that promotes the commercialization of research and innovation that occurs along Torrey Pines Road.

The mission of E-Challenge is to foster community involvement and technological innovation by bringing multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, scientists, and business-minded students together with local area entrepreneurs and professionals so they can shape the world of tomorrow by securing the health of San Diego’s economy today.

The Entrepreneur Challenge focuses on start-ups from the inception phase to the early seed-stage. The goal is to give teams the confidence and resources necessary to launch a successful company that might not otherwise exist.



The Rady School of Management offers a series of undergraduate business and entrepreneurship courses. These hands-on classes are open to all undergraduate students coming from a wide range of academic disciplines. Students interested in entering careers in innovation-driven fields or launching their own business can cultivate and expand on their business ideas and gain a broad understanding of business theory, practices, and applications. Rady offers three minors each consisting of seven classes – Business, Accounting , and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Information on the minors and course offerings can be found on the Rady Undergraduate Programs website: