Have an interesting story about how you launched your business? Share your expert advice, life lessons and how you made it to where you are today.

Service Commitment: Varies depending on program interest.


Are you an experienced entrepreneur with expertise and a track record in launching successful startups? Basement teams need your advice and mentorship!

Service Commitment: 1 hour weekly


Do you have the expertise to quickly evaluate a business pitch? We need knowledgeable startup experts to judge Basement team competitions.

Service Commitment: 2 hours monthly (during recruitment or competition cycles)


Can you review business plans, contribute pro bono professional services, or other skills to help student startups?

Service Commitment: 1-2 hours monthly
Experts Needed: Technology, marketing, and more!


Do you love developing, producing, leading, organizing events or programs? We need your expertise to grow Basement programs.

Service Commitment: Varies depending on program interest.