Basement Programs


basement Annual Incubator

Students with entrepreneurial or social impact interests may apply to The Basement’s annual incubator programs. Participants in the program gain the skills and tools to develop their social impact or business idea.

All UC San Diego students in good academic standing, regardless of discipline of study area or degree level are welcomed to submit an application. Students from all areas of discipline, including students with interdisciplinary backgrounds and from diverse fields of study are strongly encouraged to apply.


Upon acceptance, students gain access to The Basement innovation space, resources, and mentors. Varying idea stage levels are supported through multiple program track level offerings from introductory to advanced. Intermediate and advanced program tracks receive funding for the purposes of proving their concepts, and introductory program tracks have the option of applying for funding.



Entrepreneurship Certificate program

Helping you prepare for 21st century jobs, UC San Diego innovation and entrepreneur groups have teamed together to deliver this timely series. Learn about the basic elements when developing an idea and starting a business. The program is CCR-approved, you must complete at least 6 sessions for CCR credit, applicable to students. The general public can receive a certificate for attending 6 out of the 8 sessions.



Converge incubator summer program

The summer incubator is open to all UC San Diego undergraduates in good academic standing. You must be planning to enroll in credit-bearing coursework in fall 2019.

Applicants should have an idea for a startup business or product as a focus for research and testing over the course of the program. Please note that applicants are admitted individually. Multiple members of a team may apply.

Participants are required to attend orientation on June 24 and the Summer Research Conference on August 9th!

Program Dates: Monday, June 24, 2019 to Friday, August 16, 2019


Culture Incubator Program

Watching Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook testify before Congress highlighted just how disconnected our policymakers are to a deeper understanding of how technology is changing our society and economies.

Ridesharing brought the 'gig economy' to the forefront and cities had a hard time understanding and managing the near-future impact and viral growth. We saw similar challenges to understanding the emergence of couch surfing / short-term rentals like Airbnb. These are merely a couple of examples of how innovation is changing our society.

The Culture Incubator is a pilot program where undergraduate and graduate students focus on the intersection of critical thinking, policy, community and the development of culture through the lens of digital identity and innovation that drives tangible solutions and action!Culture Incubator Program

Focusing on three phases (IMAGINING, AWARENESS, ACTION) and framed around the concept of digital identity in modern society, the Culture Incubator is a new way of accelerating knowledge transfer that will incorporate the role of policy and culture into technical and social development solutions in order to ‘incubate’ culture the way we incubate new companies.

Please note, applications have closed for this program.