Open to undergraduate and graduate students

  • Must be enrolled for credit-bearing coursework in Fall 2019

  • Applicants should have an open mindset of lifelong learning, a passion to make this world a better place and a creative streak in their actions.


Accepted participants will receive a living stipend of $2500

  • Stipend will be paid in two installments during the ACTION phase of the program (June 25 - August 17, 2019). 

  • Details available upon acceptance to the program.

  • Direct deposit is required and payments are coordinated through Financial Aid.

How to Apply

Complete the online application by Tuesday, March 26th by 12 pm (noon) PST.

  • Accepted applicants will be notified by email on Wednesday, March 27th by the end of day.

  • You MUST confirm participation by return email no later than Friday, March 29th.

Note: This is a quick-turnaround opportunity with tight deadlines.  

Questions in the application portal to consider (please note, there are no *right* or *wrong* answers to these questions:

Brief Written Responses Required:

  • Tell us a little about privacy, identity and digital identity.
    Think about how you see privacy in relation to your virtual identity vs. your 'in real life' identity. Or how you view your personal data in relation to the internet of things.

  • In the year 2049 what kind of "one ID" or digital ID would we need? What would the controversies be?

  • If yoiu could create anything without limits, impossibilities or restrictions, what would you create and why?
    The sky is the limit! Show us your passion!

  • What do you do for fun?
    Tell is a little about you as a person!

Video Response Required

  • Provide a link to a 1-2 minute video sharing your thoughts on digital identity. The challenges, the opportunity, cultural implications, etc.