The Basement is proud to present a new program called Pitch Perfect! You are invited to a pitch workshop based on CO-STAR, an innovation tool designed to help you perfect and pitch your brilliant idea, and was developed by UC San Diego alum Laszo Gyroffy '85. This new program will be an amazing opportunity for young entrepreneurs to hone their pitching skills to better represent themselves and their great ideas. If you're looking to perfect your pitch for an upcoming competition or just hoping to gain a little insight, stop by on Tuesday, April 11th!

About the Speaker:

Laszlo Gyorffy is President of the Enterprise Development Group in Palo Alto, California — an international consulting and training firm that specializes in innovation strategy and best practices, organization design, and leadership development.

For over 20 years Laszlo has worked with organizations to ‘expand the possible,’ helping them reinvent themselves in the face of disruption and competition. He has applied his business strategy, innovation, change leadership, and training expertise in countries around the world and across a variety of industries. His client list includes pioneering organizations such as the BBC, Discovery Communications, EDF Energy, Egmont International, Homeland Security, Hewlett Packard, Kaiser Permanente, Novellus, Panasonic, Panera Bread, Phillips, Saulsbury Industries, Stanford University, Swisscom, Swiss Post, and Universal Music Group.

Laszlo co-authored Creating Value with CO-STAR: An Innovation Tool for Perfecting and Pitching your Brilliant Idea, as well chapters on Leading Innovation in the Global Innovation Science Handbook.