This is the first installment of a two-part Kickstarter series. Attendees are encouraged to go to the first part of the series prior to the second, but previous attendance is not necessary!

Kickstarter: Bring your creative project to life.

Kickstarter offers designers, makers, and engineers a unique opportunity to connect with an audience and raise funds to bring projects to life.

In this 2-part workshop, we’ll hear from Clarissa Redwine, Kickstarter's Design and Technology Outreach Lead for the West Coast, about the world renowned design and technology innovations launched on Kickstarter and best practices for building a community around your creative project. We'll also explore the core steps involved in planning, building, and managing a Kickstarter campaign. This is an interactive workshop for creators looking to walk away with the strong framework of their own stellar Kickstarter campaign. 

Clarissa's Bio:
Clarissa Redwine is Kickstarter's Design & Technology Outreach Lead for the west coast. She travels up and down the coast in search of innovators, creators, and makers who can leverage the powerful community and storytelling tool of Kickstarter to bring creative projects to life. Before joining Kickstarter, Clarissa cofounded a nonprofit with the core mission of fostering the North Texas startup community and worked with 10 promising robotics startups as the Program Manager of the Qualcomm Accelerator, powered by Techstars.