Come hear from Lisbeth Garces, the founder of the dance therapy non-profit Juan Carlos Organization. This inspirational female entrepreneur has paved her own path from Venezuela to San Diego, for improving the lives of those with physical, sensory or cognitive challenges through guided dance and rhythmic exercise programs. Learn about what it takes to follow your passions and start your own non-profit.  

This event is co-hosted by UCSD's own dance non-profit (Movement Exchange at UCSD). There will be an opportunity to sign up through Move-Ex to shadow Lisbeth at her dance therapy classes for kids and seniors at the YMCA, Centrol Cultural de la Raza, public high schools, and other locations.

Juan Carlos Organization: The "Dance Therapy Exercise Program" is targeted towards individuals with special needs, especially those with movement challenges due to age or physical limitations. The concept was born, first and foremost, from Lisbeth Garces' personal experience with her son Juan Carlos' wish to be as active as he could be, despite his disabilities due to Muscular Dystrophy. Development of the program also has been influenced by her experience of living with a mom who suffered from Parkinson's Disease before she passed away, and with an older sister who still lives with Cerebral Palsy. These life experiences stimulated her to build better relationships with the special needs community and with the world.