Blockchain and cryptocurrency industries have sprung out seemingly out of nowhere in 2017. From $20,000 Bitcoins, $1200 Ethereum, to new acronyms like ICOs what does this all mean? And how can start ups take advantage of it? Find out at this event from cofounders of Nanome, Steven McCloskey and Keita Funakawa who just sold over $8M worth of their own Ethereum tokens. Joining them will be author and venture capitalist Greg Horowitt and Airbitz cofounders Paul Puey and Scott Morgan to discuss what it means to participate in the decentralized era of computation.

Join Basement alumni startup Nanome in a multidisciplinary conversation featuring blockchain security experts, token sale veterans, and traditional business executives.

Keita Funakawa ’16 – COO of Nanome

Steve McCloskey ’15 - CEO of Nanome
Gregg Horowitt ’80 - Venture Capitalist, Former VP at Novartis
Scott Morgan - CCO of Nanome, Founder of Airbitz
Paul Puey - CEO and Founder of Airbitz

About Nanome:
Nanome builds intuitive software aimed at democratizing science, engineering, and research by leveraging the latest in virtual reality and blockchain technology. Their tools help innovators better visualize complex 3D data through immersive applications that can facilitate faster pattern recognition through an efficient design process and global decentralized collaboration.

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