How to Raise Capital with a Winning Pitch

Wednesday, November 20 | 1PM - 3PM

Need funding from investors for your startup? Start by creating a compelling pitch deck!

Join The Basement for a hands-on instructor-led workshop, where you will learn the steps needed to create your own pitch deck and the three-question approach to developing a dynamic pitch to investors.

Learn how to make this daunting task easy and how to answer the following questions:

· What is the story behind your idea?

· Does the market need your product? Who is your target market?

· Who is your competition? What is your differentiator?

· Do you have customers? What is your revenue? Can you provide financials?

· How much money do you need from investors?

· Return on investment - what promise can you make to the investor?

About the Presenter:

Mala Subramaniam is a certified corporate speaker, executive coach, and cross-cultural trainer. She spent over 20 years in influential marketing roles at companies such as IBM, GE, and Dun & Bradstreet. Mala has delivered communications courses or talks for Cognizant, Meltwater, Lincoln Financial, The Hartford, Comcast, and more, across the US. She is a mentor of Connect Springboard helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market. She has an MBA in Marketing and MA in Sociology.