BizTech Wellness Series: Money Matters

Thursday, November 14 | 2:30PM - 3:30PM

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Do you want to have fun but worry about paying the bills? No idea how to track your college budget?

Come learn about the difference between wants vs. needs and the importance of budgeting & paying your bills!

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As a former athlete, Bruce Wayne has seen up close and personal how financial illiteracy claimed the riches of a few of his former teammates, and other prominent sports figures. While he admits that he didn’t amass millions, he too, made financial decisions that were informed only by what he witnessed and experienced as a child. After making several costly mistakes, he decided to pursue a deeper understanding of business, economics, and finance to stop what he has termed the Vicious Cycle of Financial Illiteracy.

His message is clear: Irresponsible, uninformed financial decisions and behaviors are detrimental to you and your family’s existence. Without the awareness, desire to change and to become financially literate, future generations are inevitably doomed to repeat the same tragic mistakes.

After several years advising and working in banking, he was inspired to write The Vicious Cycle "A Family's Despair ", to illustrate how one family's despair brought on by a series of bad decisions coupled with bad judgement can leads to tragedy. As a financial expert and advocate, he knows that people want to make better decisions about their finances, but they may lack the mindset, discipline, and understanding to do so.