IDEA Session - Art & Logic: Why You Need Art for Your Business Today

Wednesday, October 23 | 2:00pm - 4:00pm

The business environment today is fast changing, complex, and highly uncertain. When making decisions, there are limitations if one solely relies on prior knowledge, logical thinking, and analysis. In order to solve issues creatively, leaders need to comprehend business matters intuitively as a whole and be able to identify issues from one’s own viewpoint.

Despite the necessity of having both logic and sensibility, have we overemphasized the need for logic in order to innovate? To create great value, it is imperative to have sensibility, i.e., an artistic thinking process. Understanding how to acquire an artistic thinking process can help entrepreneurs and leaders succeed in today’s business environment.

About the Speaker:
Takeshi Masumura is the Director of ART & LOGIC Inc., a new original program developed by researching and developing various art education methods in Japan and overseas, together with alumni and doctoral students at the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. Takeshi’s business is to teach art to professionals and others such as entrepreneurs and executives, etc., to stimulate both sides of their brain, which helps with creativity, leadership, and other skills such as observation, theory, imagination, and balance, etc.

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