VentureWell Grant

Up to $25,000 in grant funding. Unlock $5,000 in Stage 1 and $20,000 in Stage 2 grant funding to launch your venture. Grants are competitive, recognized nationally as a source of non-dilutive funding, and empower innovators to prototype and explore commercialization. VentureWell has opened a qualification phase application for interested applicants to receive feedback on their innovation to assess fit for applying to the E-Team Grant. Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply!

Interested in applying for the VentureWell Grant? Let us know before August 8th by filling out our interest form here.

Qualification Phase Deadline: August 21st. For more information on the qualification phase, visit

Next Steps for Interested Applicants

If you already filled out the Interest Form and plan to apply, please follow these NEXT STEPS:

1.      ATTEND VentureWell’s Informational Webinars August 14th.

2.     SIGN UP for VentureWell’s Office Hours to ask specific questions regarding grant criteria.

 3. CALENDAR NEWLY ADDED Qualification Phase Application Date: AUGUST 21st!

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE QUALIFICATION PHASE APPLICATION VISIT: . In this qualification phase, students will receive feedback from VentureWell on whether their innovation matches criteria for the E-Team grant program.

*For more E-Team Grant info., visit

Key Monthly Activities for Your Grant Application

July Activities

  • Submit Basement VentureWell interest form - July 19th!

  • Review application guidelines and proposal components

  • Create inventory list of proposal components to compile

  • Recruit additional team members (if needed)

  • Determine PI, Administrative Contact and Dept. Chair (If none, the Basement will serve as PI)

  • Start putting together your application

  • Make letter(s) of support asks

  • Write first draft of proposal narrative with proposal components

August Activities

  • Follow up with letter of support writers

  • Revise proposal narrative and review proposal components for missing items

  • Compile any missing proposal components

  • Workshop your application – CANCELLED

    • Session: Week of August 12th - CANCELLED

  • Submit Qualification Phase Application on August 21st

September Activities

  • Collect any missing letters of support and any missing supporting documents

  • Complete final proposal narrative with all application components assembled

  • Submit your application to the Basement for initial review

Key Application Deadlines

  • Grant Application Due to The Basement – Sept. 2nd

  • Incomplete Applications Returned to Students – Sept. 9th

  • Help Session for Returned Application Teams – Sept. 12th, 11:30-1:00pm

  • Final Version of Returned Applications due to the Basement – Sept. 18th

  • Student Grant Applications Submitted to VentureWell by Oct. 2nd